We publish participant infos on this page approximately 1-2 weeks before the event.

Amsterdam 27.5.2023

Hi, how lovely to see you participating in the Color Obstacle Rush!

Please read this document very carefully. It contains important information about how to prepare and what to expect from our Color Obstacle Rush this year. Don’t forget to share it with your group!
The event will take place on SATURDAY 27th of May 2023 at the Circuit Zandvoort. Here you will find information on how to get to the event.
Please note that there is also another event going on in the middle of the racetrack! Our festival area can be found near the Parking B outside the race track.
Address Circuit Zandvoort 
Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108 
2041 KP Zandvoort

If you arrive by car, you can enter the following address into your navigation system: Bugermeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KP. If the navigation system does not recognise the house number, the street name alone is sufficient. The main entrance to Circuit Zandvoort is located directly on the street.

No navigation? Follow the signs on the A9 motorway to Zandvoort (via the Haarlem-Zuid -N205 junction) and continue on the N201 motorway towards Zandvoort. It is also possible to go from the Haarlem junction of the A9 (via the A200) to Zandvoort via the N200.
When you arrive, you can park in parking B.
NOTE! This parking has a parking fee of €15.00.
You can buy the parking tickets in advance from the venue here!


Zandvoort is easily accessible by train, as there is a direct train connection from Amsterdam, Haarlem and The Hague. Circuit Zandvoort is only a 10-minute walk from Zandvoort station. If you are standing with your back to the station, turn right and walk towards Van Speijkstraat. At the end of the road, cross the road to the left and walk past the petrol station and follow the road over Burgermeester van Alphenstraat. After about 500 metres, the main entrance to the Circuit is visible on your right.


You can also travel to Zandvoort by bus. In addition to frequent buses from Zandvoort city centre to Circuit Zandvoort, there is also a direct connection to Amsterdam and NS Station Haarlem-Spaarnwoude with bus number 80. Bus number 80 (stop: NS Station Haarlem) stops near the main entrance to Circuit Zandvoort.

You can plan your trip in advance with NS Reisplanner. The website also offers a lot of travel information.

In order not to stain your car / public transport, we recommend bringing a change of clothes, some towels or a large plastic bag. Buses and trains may not allow passengers on board who do not have clean clothing or something to cover the seats.

The festival area (yellow) is located right next to the Parking B (purple). Please see the map below. 
If you arrive by car, go by the marked road (red) to parking B (purple). It is only a short walk (blue) to the festival area (yellow). There will be parking stewards guiding you.
If you arrive by public transportation or on foot, use the road marked with green to reach the festival area.
In order to be able to attend the event, it is mandatory that you have the following documents with you and present them upon arrival. Otherwise, you may not be admitted to the event:

• The ticket
• A valid ID
• Confirmation of the signed terms and conditions form
• If applicable, the order confirmation for the pre-ordered products

Please present your ticket with the QR code at check-in.

To be able to participate you must have a terms & conditions form (T&C) filled out. Every participant needs to fill out the T&C form. You can find the form here.
After sending the form, you will receive a confirmation email, which you will need to show us at the entrance. There is no need to print the T&C form as long as you can display the email on your screen! To avoid problems at the entrance, please check if all the other members of your group have filled out their forms as well!
Before the run: check your start time and how to prepare yourself for the event

We have given a specific arrival time for each start group so that you can collect your wristband and t-shirt and take part in the warm-up. Please arrive 1 hour before your start time.
The schedule, Saturday, May 27th, 2023:

10:00 a.m. Check-In opens
10:15 a.m. Opening of the festival area

Start times:
Your check-in opens at 10:00
Warm up at 11:00
Start of the Rush at 11:15

Your check-in opens at 10:30
Warm-up at 11:30
Start of the Rush at 11:45
Your check-in opens at 11:00
Warm up at 12:00
Start of the Rush at 12:15
Your check-in opens at 11:30
Warm-up at 12:30
Start of the Rush at 12:45
Your check-in opens at 12:00
Warm up at 13:00
Start of the Rush at 13:15
Attention! The last start group leaves at 13:15 and the last possible access to the course will be at 13:30. So please come in time for the last warm-up, which will start at 13:00.

If you have purchased an "Any Start Time" ticket, you can participate in any of the start times. Just choose the best one on the list above! Please note that you must arrive before 12:00 to check-in. The last start group will start its warm-up at 13:00.
It takes approximately 45-75 minutes to complete the route. After the run, at the finish line, there is a color festival to celebrate your successful run!
Not sure which time you had?  

Your start time is stated on your ticket. The tickets were sent to the email address of the person ordering and can be found in their customer account. This person can also log into their account on our website and download or view the tickets from there. The account will be created for the person who made the registration!

If your email address isn't recognized when logging in, make sure you're using the correct username. The account will be created under the email address/username of the person who signed up and paid for it.
There will be a catering at the event so you won't have to go hungry and thirsty during the day!
There will be two water stations at the event - one on the festival site and one on the track. You can also bring your own (non-alcoholic!) drinks, but please no glass bottles! However, keep in mind that some of the obstacles might be difficult to complete if you are carrying a water bottle.

Once you have checked yourself in, you can enter the event village by presenting your bracelet. 

This year the ONFIRE team is supporting us at our event with the warm-ups and the final party. Alexander López Flores is an International Zumba Presenter and the founder of ONFIRE. His idea is to bring people of all nationalities together and combine time together, sports and exercise. 

Check out warm-up videos from past Color Obstacle Rush events on Alexander's and ONFIRE's Instagram: @alexanderlopezf & Find out more about their events and activities on their website

Are you ready to move your body? Let’s start the party!

Sportograf will be our official photographer for this stage of the Color Obstacle Rush.

Their professional photographers will be ready to capture your best moments from start to finish and everything in between.

Strike a pose and smile for the camera whenever you see them!

You can find all your personal images and the most incredible event day vibes afterwards at

Those who know Sportograf know that the pictures are worth every penny.
The event area is a nature reserve and we want to do our part in respecting and protecting venue's natural beauty. Nature is very important to us, so we are happy to respect the city of Haarlem’s regulations and our festival area and the track has been designed with this in mind. We will use the foam and colour powders only in our festival area which is placed as far away from the nature reserve as possible.  

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact our customer service so we can answer any of your questions. 😊 You can send a message via chat on our website, FB messenger or Our customer service is ready to answer to any questions and everyone will receive a reply within 24 hours.
For Check In

• Your ticket
• The confirmation email you received after completing the Terms and Conditions form (here)
• Your valid ID that matches the names on the T&C form
• Possibly the order confirmation of the pre-ordered products
For the Rush

• Sunglasses or goggles
• Appropriate running equipment. We recommend you wear a garment that covers the entire leg
• A huge smile!

For the journey home

• Something to cover the seats in the car or bus
• Change of clothes (optional)
Do you still have questions?
Check our FAQ here!
We're excited to announce our special event-specific customer service HOTLINE, available on Tuesday and Friday from 11:00-13:00. When you want to discuss with us in real-time, click here!

General information

Where can I find my tickets?

- Tickets have been sent to the person's email who made your booking. You can also find all information by logging into your profile here:

Profile was automatically created for the person's email who made your booking, please request a new password on your first login "lost password".


Please arrive at least one hour before your departure group to the check in.

Remember to bring with you:

(+ if you have pre-ordered products from our website, please bring the order confirmation with you as you will need it at the store to pick up the products)

We at Color Obstacle Rush want to pay close attention to your safety at our event. When you arrive at the parking lot, please follow the signage and directions given by our staff.

Please note!

  • You do not have to print the documents, you can show them from your phone.
  • Customer service may not be able to answer your questions during the weekend of the event.
  • You can buy tickets for the event exclusively online until the last Thursday before the event.


From now on, your loved ones can also take part in the experience.
(The event is recommended for everyone aged +12.)
For them, entry to the festival village is only €7.
Please note that this ticket only grants access to the festival village. Therefore, participation in the warm-up or obstacle course is not included in the ticket price.
With the ticket, your loved ones can watch you cross the Finish Line and you can party at the color festivals as many times as you want (and also buy color packs at the store!).
You can enjoy the music played by our amazing DJ.
Our host will ensure that you have the most colorful experience ever.
Lots of contests, games and dance battles…. and much more.
Come discover!


At the check-in, your ticket, the official T&C form and your ID will be checked before you can access the event village area.


You will receive your possible pre-ordered products (face paints, tutus, etc.) after check-in at the collection point (PREORDERS) near our "STORE" tent. To receive all the products related to your order, we will need your order confirmation.

Note that you do not need to print your ticket, you can also show it from your phone.


To speed up the check-in, please prepare your ticket, signed T&C form and ID in advance.  


You will receive your T-shirt, wristband and any Swag Bag (an offer for early birds). We do not ask you to specify your T-shirt size when purchasing the ticket. We ask that you decide in advance which T-shirt you would like to receive at the check-in (this is a standard unisex T-shirt, size S-XL). If you feel between two sizes, take the larger one: it will be more comfortable! Unfortunately, for security reasons, we do not allow exchanges.


The wristband is your ticket to the event. You must wear it on your wrist throughout the event.


After the check-in, you will also have an opportunity to buy some merchandise at our store. 


And one more thing: you’ll receive your personal color packet as soon as you cross the finish line!

Security of the event

You must complete and sign the official T&C form (Adult / Child + Parental Authorization) before arriving at the event.

You are asked to present the confirmation email that you will receive after signing the online form. Click here to go to the terms and conditions form. You don't need to print out the confirmation or the T&Cs as long as you can show the email on your phone screen!

To avoid problems at the entrance, please make sure that all other group members have also filled out their own forms!  

The official T&C form for the minor and the parental authorization must be completed and signed by the parent or the legal representative of the minor participant.

Underage participants aged 12-15 must be accompanied by a supervisor throughout the event.

All participants must be at least 12 years old on the day of the event. 

Participants in the Color Obstacle Rush should be aware that they participate at their own risk. For your safety and the safety of all other participants, we ask you to follow the instructions of our team throughout the event.

Starting groups and Warm-up

The event is shared in groups. It will take 15-30 minutes to get everyone through the starting gate, so please be patient. This way we also avoid most queues and traffic jams on the course.


Please follow the instructions of our coach as well as the staff members located at the startline who will guide you all the way to the track.


Remember that the event is not a competition and the most important thing is to have fun. If you prefer not to run, you can also do the course by walking or even dancing! Please be respectful of faster or slower participants and leave room for others. Peace, love and harmony to each participant regardless of their speed!


Before each start group, there is a warm-up to prepare you for the race.

Like everything in Color Obstacle Rush, the warm-up is all about having fun! Get ready to dance and stretch with us!


We have a shop in the event village where you can buy our merchandise.

Sunglasses, extra color packs, face paint, tattoos... will be on sale at the store.


We do accept card and cash payments in our event. But unfortunately, we do not have contactless Mobile payment services.


You can collect your possible pre-ordered products at the "PREORDERS" pick-up point near the "STORE" shop.

To receive all the products related to your order, we will need your order confirmation.

Where to keep your stuff?

You can leave your clothes in our guarded cloakroom.


The price of the locker room is:

  • Jacket 3€
  • Backpack 5€
  • You will also be charged €1 for each additional visit, except of course when you leave at the end of the event. As a result, be sure to take everything you need with you on your first visit to the locker room.

We do accept card and cash payments in our event. But unfortunately, we do not have contactless Mobile payment services.


ATTENTION ! Each participant can leave only one bag in the cloakroom.

As space is limited, we do not accept bags that are larger than a normal sized backpack (duffel bags for example), that cannot be hung or that weigh more than 5 kg. Items allowed are therefore a normal sized jacket or backpack.


We recommend that you leave your valuables at home.

Color Obstacle Rush accepts no responsibility for any items that are lost and/or damaged, even in the locker room.


Additionally, we recommend using a sports armband for your cell phone if you want to keep it on you. You can also put your phone in a resealable plastic bag to protect it from color, water and foam.

Carrying heavy bags during the event is not permitted (lightweight drawstring bag and fanny pack are allowed).

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes would be a good start!


For your safety and the safety of other participants, please wear sunglasses or goggles as well as shoes to be able to participate in the event.


We do not recommend the use of contact lenses at the event.


We include a free t-shirt for each participant, and most participants wear it during the event. You will not be allowed to participate if you wear clothes or accessories with sharp parts that could injure other participants or that could damage the inflatable structures that are located along the route.


Please note that the course contains obstacles where you slide and crawl, so it is a good idea to wear long pants.


There are NO showers on site.


We strongly recommend that you bring a change of clothes, as well as a towel or a large plastic bag to prevent your car or public transport from being stained.


Buses and trains may not allow passengers to board without clean clothes or something to cover the seats.

Obstacles and color

It may take a few minutes before you can get through the obstacles, so be patient.

Please follow the instructions given by the staff and the starter who will guide you to the starting gate.


There will be different obstacles on the course which is about 5 kilometers long. We reserve the right to make changes to the number and range of obstacles as well as the distance of the course depending on location, terrain, weather conditions and other circumstances. We cannot guarantee that all of our obstacles will be used at every Color Obstacle Rush event.


The obstacles are quite easy and a lot of fun, but you will need to be careful and watch out for others.

If an obstacle seems too difficult for you, you can certainly bypass it.


Please do not stop at/in obstacles to wait for your friends, take pictures (or for a nap).


This will interfere with the normal progress of the race and cause queues at obstacles. Photos are allowed between the obstacles and of course in the event village.

Some inflatable obstacles can get hot in the sun. It is a good idea to wear long pants (or leggings) to make the experience more comfortable!


There are 6 color stations on the course. The color powder is 100% natural cornstarch that has been dyed with colors. The powder is specially made for these kinds of events. Our powder in all Color Obstacle Rush events is flame retardant. However, it can cause allergic or asthmatic reactions to those who are allergic to dust.


You must wear sunglasses or goggles at each color station.

Can I participate if I am pregnant or I have some health issues?

If you are pregnant or have any issues with your health we recommend you consult your doctor before entering the Color Obstacle Rush.

Although our mission is to make the race as safe as possible for every participant, there is always the possibility of unforeseeable incidents (such as falling or bumping into another person).

Finish and Colour Festivals

You will receive your color packet at the finish line. If you have purchased additional color packets, you will get these from the "PREORDERS" collection point near the "STORE" shop.

Then it's time for the festival of colors!

Non-stop color festivals await you as well as an After-party with lots of joy and good humor.

Follow the instructions of our moderator and the DJ, be careful and have fun!

We ask you not to drop anything other than colored powder on the floor! Recycling should be our way of life. Please throw the bags and other waste in the trash.

Photos and social media

We love photos too!

This is why Sportograf will be our official photographers for this Color Obstacle Rush Tour. 

Their professional photographers will be ready to capture your best moments from start to finish and everything in between.

Strike a pose and smile for the camera whenever you see them!

If you want to take pictures yourself at the event, you can put your cell phone or camera in an armband or resealable plastic bag. It can be difficult to complete some obstacles with devices in hand, so be sure to have a place to keep your devices while completing the obstacles.

Also note that there will be colored powder, foam and water on the course, which can damage your electronics.

You can take your action camera (GoPro style) with you, but selfie sticks are prohibited for safety reasons.

In the registration conditions that you accepted when you registered, by participating in the event you give us your irrevocable agreement to be filmed and photographed and that these materials can be used by Color Obstacle Rush and these commercial partners for advertising, to promote other group events, or for any other media use. You waive any claim for compensation for the use of your image.

If you share your beautiful photos on social media, please use the hashtag #colorobstaclerush so we can find them too! 🙂

And to get a little more color in your life, follow us on:

Facebook: Color Obstacle Rush  

Instagram: @colorobstaclerush

Admission to the event village

Yes, you heard right ! From now on, your loved ones can also take part in the experience.
The event is recommended for everyone aged 12+.

For them, entry to the event village is only €7.

Please note that this ticket only grants access to the festival village.
Therefore, participation in the warm-up or obstacle course is not included in the ticket price.

Challenge your friends and family. Are they ready to color themselves too?

With the ticket, you can party at the Color Festivals as many times as you want (and also buy Color Packs at the store!).
You can enjoy the music played by our amazing DJ.
Our host will ensure that you have the most colorful experience ever.
Lots of contests, games and dance battles…. and much more.
Come discover!

If you would like to participate in the race please note that you can buy race tickets exclusively online until the last Thursday before the event.

Food and drink

There will be two water stations located in the event area. You can also bring your own water bottle (as long as it is not glass) but please note that it can be quite difficult to overcome some obstacles with a water bottle in hand!

In addition, we have food trucks or catering services at our events that offer varied menus.

The number of foodtrucks and menus change from event to another.

Alcohol and smoking

Smoking and bringing alcoholic beverages to the event is prohibited.

We strongly advise participants not to drink alcoholic beverages before the race!


There will be no designated area for smokers.

What happens if I can’t participate

Sorry to hear that! If you cannot participate in the event, you can transfer your participation to another Color Obstacle Rush event in the year 2023 by contacting our customer service or give your ticket to another person.

All transfer requests must reach us no later than the day before the event and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Customer service may not be able to answer your questions over the weekend.

To give the ticket to someone
No manipulation on the ticket is necessary since the tickets are not nominative. You can give the ticket to the person attending on your behalf and the new attendee can arrive at the event by presenting the ticket, their valid ID and the email of the signed T&C form.

Please complete T&C form here

Registration fees are non-refundable.


Further information can be found on our website, in the FAQ section.

If you need additional help, our chatbot Bot McColors will be happy to help you! And if they don't have an answer to your question, they'll direct you to our customer service team.

New hotline! 🥳
It is with great pleasure that we announce our customer service HOTLINE devoted solely and specifically to matters related to the event. Available Tuesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

If you need to reach us in real time, click here

Don't wait until the last minute, send us a message and get everything in order before the event day!

Checklist - What should I bring with me?


  • Your valid ID that matches the name on the T&C form. 
  • Possibly the order confirmation with the pre-ordered products. 



  • sunglasses or goggles. Please note that we strongly recommend you to use sunglasses or goggles at our event, but it is not mandatory. Sunglasses can also be purchased at the event. 
  • Appropriate running equipment . We recommend that you wear long trousers.
  • A huge smile! 


  • Something to cover the seats in the car or bus. 
  • Change of clothes (optional).