Welcome to work at Color Obstacle Rush!

Please read the job description below carefully and then complete the release form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


At the pre-check-in, you will check the waiver confirmation.

Without a signed waiver confirmation we can’t let the customer enter our event. If the customer doesn’t have this document, they can scan the QR code which provides access to the document. The QR code is available at the pre-check-in.

  • Waiver confirmation & ID check 

Your task is to check these documents. 


- Everyone must have an email confirmation of a signed waiver confirmation with them when they come to the pre-check-in.

- The waiver form is either a minor waiver or an adult waiver, depending on the age.

- Minors under the age of 12 are not allowed to enter the event area!

- If the participant is a minor, the waiver has to be signed by the legal parent/ guardian.

- If the participant is 12-14 years old (the birthday is included in the waiver confirmation), they are allowed to enter the event area only with a guardian.

- If the customer has printed documents with them, it’s really important to ALWAYS give them back to the customer. If the customer leaves their documents, tear them immediately and throw them into a bin.

  1. b) ID (it can also be a copy or picture of their ID)

- Check the participant’s name. The name in the ID must match the one in the confirmation of signed waiver. 

- If the customer looks underaged, check their age. 

- If the customer has a copy of their ID, it’s really important to ALWAYS give it back. We don’t have a safety bin. If the customer leaves the copy of their ID on the table, tear it immediately and throw it into a bin.  

- If the customer doesn’t have an ID, ask your supervisor for help.  

After a successful document check, direct the customer to the check-in tent, where they can pick up their wristbands and starter packs.


First, the participants arrive at the pre-check-in. There, their identity cards as well as the waiver confirmation are checked. Then the participants arrive at the check-in.


- The ticket includes:
a) the start group/start time
b) possible products that the customer has pre-ordered.
All products are picked up from the store except swag bags.
- Always give customers back their ticket(s).
- If the customer does not have a ticket, contact your manager.


1. WRISTBAND (based on the start time)

- Wristband is the customer’s ticket and permission to enter the event area.

- Give the customer the corresponding wristband to the right start time. Each start time has a certain colour.

- 12-15-year-olds will get a wristband of a specific colour, please write the guarding phone number in the wristbands.

- Ask the customer to put the wristband on by themselves. It saves a lot of time!

Please note! Any start time -option, ask the participant which start time they would like to join.


If the participant has an upgrade: hand a swag bag to the customer
If the participant has pre-bought any other merchandise such as colour packets or face paints, they will be seen in a separate order confirmation. There is a pick-up point for these products inside the festival area at the store.

Please note! Each participant gets a colour packet at the finish line after the run and before the colour festival. This colour packet is not included in the ticket. At the pick-up point in the store, the participants can receive their colour packets only if they have pre-ordered them or if they buy them on the spot.


Every participant gets a T-shirt. Ask the customer what size they want.

🡸  SWAG BAG (an early bird offer)

  • contains: Gymsack, colour packet, sunglasses, tattoo, bandana

Please note: Our products can be purchased from our store tent (inside the event area). At the check-in, we don’t handle money, so we only give the pre-ordered swag bags to the customers.

Bag drop


  • As soon as you arrive at the bag drop, you will see a plastic box on the table where all numbered wristbands are located in smaller boxes. These wristbands have to be hung on the correct hooks.
  • If you still have time, try to remember how the bag drop has been numbered. This makes your day much easier and you can master your task perfectly and avoid unnecessary queues during the event.


As soon as the festival opens, it starts immediately. First of all, it is important to check that the queue is working. On the “BAGS IN” side, the participants should hand over their other bags and valuables and on the ”BAGS OUT” side participants should pick up their bags and valuables. 

  • Every visit to the bag drop is chargeable (except collection)
  • The wardrobe costs 3€ for a jacket and 5€ for a back bag per participant. If the participant has both then the price is 5€
  • Payment is possible by card or cash
  • Return visit costs 1€ (e.g. picking up telephone or wallet)

The event producer of the Color Obstacle Rush team comes to collect the money every now and then. If the participant has lost the wristband, ask about the wristband number and what the bag should look like and search for it shortly. For example, if you find the right bag, look in and ask the participant what should be in there to ensure that the bag belongs to the right owner. 

Quick tip to avoid queue and chaos in the bad drop: 

Start filling the hooks one line at a time, from bottom to front, from top to bottom. That way when people arrive to pick up their bags, there's a good chance they'll be close to each other. and the organization of the cloakroom is more practical and quicker.
NOTE: Once the bag is in hand, always put the bracelet back in the hook in order to have it ready for the next customer.



You can take bags in from the "BAGS OUT" side if there are no participants there to pick up their bags!

Send one of the bag drop staff to inform the line that they can pay with cash or card. If they are paying with cash inform the participants in the line to prepare the cash beforehand. This will save a lot of time for everybody. Remember to mention the prices of the bag drop!



When the bag drop is becoming empty, you can slowly put the wristbands back into the smaller boxes. Make sure they are arranged in the correct order! This makes the next event so much smoother. If bags, jackets or valuables have been left behind, please hand them to your supervisor and ask if there is anything you could still do to help.


The pre-ordered products and the products the participants would like to buy are handed out at the store.


Participants might have pre-ordered some additional products.

In this case, pre-ordered products will be enlisted in the order confirmation.

If a product is enlisted in the order confirmation, hand it out to the customer.

If a product has different colour options, hand out a random colour, unless the colour is specified in the order confirmation.

Online-store: https://colorobstaclerush.nl/shop/

You will have a pre-order checklist at the store. It is shorted by name. Check the participant's order confirmation and check if you can find the name from the pre-order checklist. Give out the products and mark that the participant has received their pre-ordered products to the pre-order checklist.

Please note! if the participant clearly has the pre-order confirmation email but you cannot find it on the list. Give out the pre-order products and write down the email to the pre-order checklist as well as the product they had in their confirmation.

Please note: Each participant gets a colour packet at the finish line after the run and before the colour festival. This colour packet is not mentioned in the ticket or the confirmation order.

At the pick-up point in the store, the participants can receive their colour packets only if they have pre-ordered them or if they buy them on the spot.


Put some samples on the table, make sure they look appealing. Then, remember to double-check these things:

  • Make sure you have the price list on the counter or in the frames in front of the store.
  • Keep the products on one or two tables maximum.
  • Check the iPad is open, the SumUp-app is open, Card-reader is connected (Bluetooth) and the charger is plugged into both iPad and Card-reader. 
  • Make sure you have your cash box with enough change in it.


  • Payment methods: cash and card payment. 
  • Markdown all the products you sell on the tablet, the tablet works like a cash register.
  • Open new product packs only if necessary! All boxes must be counted after the event for the inventory!
  • The event producer of the Color Obstacle Rush team comes to collect the money every now and then. If you need change, do not hesitate to ask him/her!


A person from the COR team will inform you when you can start counting all the products that remain after-sale, you have to mark them on the specific form.

  • Please verify that the numbers you write are correct!
  • Afterwards, put the products in their boxes in an organized manner. Do not throw the products in cartons away! On each box indicate the product name and total sum of each product!

Please note: Do not leave the store without surveillance!


There are several start groups throughout the day and your role is to monitor the start line.

Here is an example: 

Departure group 1: 11h00

Departure group 2: 11h30

Departure group 3: 12h00

Departure group 4: 12h30


The work you do and your monitoring is important as you create the rhythm of the run. By controlling and letting a certain amount of people go thru the obstacle we avoid the queue and the waiting during the course.

We’ll give you more information on the event day before the event starts. 

Ready, steady, go!


Your job is to hand out colour bags to the participants at the finish line. There are multiple boxes of colours in the tent.

Open the boxes and mix them, a colourful colour festival always looks nicer than a cloud of colour in one shade.

Flatten the empty cardboard boxes and hide them behind the finish line tent so they can be taken to the trash. 

IMPORTANT: Everyone gets only one colour bag!

If you have time, please tell the participants to save the colour bag for the colour festival and guide them to go near the stage and join the colour festivals. Hand out every colour bag, participants are not allowed to take colour bags themselves.

Remember to hype and congratulate the runners when they finish their run. They did an amazing job and your input is an important part of the experience.


Unfortunately, no one can get an extra colour bag if they haven’t paid for it, all the products are calculated and we don’t have extras. More colour bags can be bought at the Store tent.



Calculate how many colour bags are in the boxes and marked to these boxes. Then close the boxes with tape. Tell the number of colour packets left in the boxes to your supervisor. Clean up the area.


You will have various tasks during the day, but mainly you will maintain the general well-being at the event by ensuring the water station has enough cups and water, toilets have enough toilet paper and are clean and the event village looks nice and tidy. During and after the event you will help us to clean the event up.

Obstacle supervisor


We expect that you will cheer and motivate the participants during the day. Anything that makes the participants happy and in a good mood while running is allowed. Here you can use your creativity!

Things don't always go as planned. If your obstacle needs repairs or if a participant is injured, contact your supervisor with the radio.


We will hand out a radio for you. Use it only when necessary and not for chit-chatting. If you need any help with the obstacle, it’s super important to say the number of the obstacle you are at in the beginning. 


  • If you need medical assistance:  Medical x2, obstacle "x" needs assistance for "___" (tell the emergency)
  • If you need a COR team: Technical x2, Obstacle "X" is "___" (tell us the problem with the obstacle)

Remember that you are responsible for the radio if you lose it or brake it. So please be careful!


Observe what is happening around you and report possible defects through the radio. We will come to you if your obstacle needs any fixing. Do not fix anything yourself! If your obstacle or part of it is broken, close the obstacle or part with the defect until it is functional again.

- The most common obstacle defects:

  • The obstacle has a hole/air leaking out of the obstacle.
  • The petrol fan no longer works. / The fuel ran out. / The device emits unnecessary smoke.
  • The obstacle moves significantly. The screws that attach the obstacle to the ground are loose.
  • A strong wind crushes the obstacle.

- Methods to prevent these defects:

  • Control the number of participants who are on the obstacle at the same time. You can get the number and other details from your manager.
  • Make sure that the participants always move forward and don't stop on the obstacle.
  • Make sure that the participants do not carry any sharp objects that can damage the obstacle.

It happens from time to time that someone gets hurt at the obstacles. If you see someone injured, contact the medical team on the radio. The medical team will the respond and come to you. When you call, tell clearly what happened and your obstacle number.

The most common injuries are:

  • Sprains and fractures (ankle, wrist, shoulder)
  • dehydration
  • Fainting / dizzy spells
  • Collision with other participants

If the injured person's condition deteriorates significantly, report back with your radio. If the obstacle is damaged by the accident, report it at the same time you call for help. Once the injured person has been transported away, reopen the obstacle for the participants if you had to close it.


- Once a member of the Color Obstacle Rush team has notified you that the last competitor has crossed your obstacle, make your way back to the festival site. At the same time, pick up the trash from the running track.


- Turn to your superior and ask if you can still help somewhere.


- Once you arrive at your location, you will see bags of paint. These must be opened with scissors. The scissors should be in place. If not, contact your supervisor.

- There are plastic bottles next to the sacks, which you will use to throw the paint. Please make sure you keep these at all time and that no participant can take it from you during the day!


- Any competitor who walks through your location/colour station will be thrown with paint unless the competitor doesn't want it.

- The best technique is to swing the filled plastic bottle in a long arc towards the participant.

- Each participant is thrown from the front and not from behind. Don't throw paint directly in the face.

- The plastic bottle has a cork and it must always remain on the bottle when throwing.

- Don't waste the colour. One swing per participant is sufficient.

- When the paint bottles run out, fill the bottles with the paint from the paint bags.

- If the colour runs out of the sacks, inform your supervisor in advance so a COR team member brings more colour.


- Clean up your location as soon as your supervisor has informed you that the last participant has crossed your location.

- Do not leave your location without permission.

- Gather all the empty sacks, scissors and empty plastic bottles and make your way to the festival area.


Do not forget:

- No smoking at the venue

- Always wear your bandana and sunglasses (these will be given!)

- If a competitor has breathing problems or colour in their eyes, get them outside of the colour cloud and contact the Color Obstacle Rush Team


- Don't throw paint with your hands. Use the bottle!

Water station

- Runners take the cups and fill them by themselves

- To avoid queues, make sure that the runners do not only use the first tap.

- Check that there is water in the containers.

- Collect all rubbish and cups in plastic bags

- Change the black bag when it is full.

- Keep the area clean throughout the day!

360 photo booth

Your role is to supervise the 360 photo booth.

The price of the photo booth is 5€/turn and it is your job to make it work.


The participant purchases this service from the store. They will then get a yellow bracelet from the store and give it to you! Please collect the yellow bracelets as that is our way to know how many customers we´d had throught the day.

You will also instruct customers on how to use the photo booth. 

Only 5 person are allowed on the photobooth at the same time. 


You´ll also have to be careful when the machine is working and turning that no one is too near and get hurt. 

This is a new role at our events and you will be briefed about your tasks right before the start of the event. 

Festival entry ticket (ticketing officer)

Your role is to supervise that no one gets in the event village without a bracelet. 

Participants of the event already got their wristbands from the check-in (they have different wristband colors for different starting groups) They can all enter the event village at all time. 


If a person doesn´t have a wristband, it is probably a family member or a friend coming to cheer the participants.

They are allowed to enter the event village by paying 7€ admission fee to the event village. (payment in cash or with card)

Please note that by buying this ticket they are only allowed to enter the event village but not the course. 


We do not recommend our event for children under 12. If someone still wishes to get in with their kid, they still have to pay the 7€/person but kindly remind them that children under 12 will be refused at the corners obstacle on the event village as it is a safety matter.